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How to manage Rodents

Learn methods for identifying and managing rodents to safeguard your home and business.


Discovering the World of Rodents

Rodents are small creatures that belong to the order Rodentia, a group of different-sized mammals.The house mouse is one common rodent species, belonging to the family Muridae. Rodents are well-known chewers and have the potential to gnaw on various items like wires and pipes due to their two sharp teeth. Despite their seemingly innocent nature, they can cause significant trouble in our homes and businesses. Their high reproduction rate makes it difficult to control them. These creatures are nocturnal, exploring at night in search of food. Rodents are highly adaptable and can be found in various environments, seeking safe places such as burrows to live. Rodents can spread serious and harmful health hazards to humans, potentially leading to death. Common diseases transmitted by rodents include Hantavirus, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, and leptospirosis.To control rodent infestation at home or workplace, it is essential to hire professional pest control services to address the issue. Only experienced professionals can handle the problem properly and create a pest-free environment.

Life Cycle of Rodents

Life Cycle of Rodents

Rodents, such as mice and rats, undergo a simple yet fascinating lifecycle. Starting as tiny, hairless newborns, they quickly grow, with some reaching sexual maturity in just a few weeks. They reproduce rapidly, giving birth to litters of offspring.


The mating process varies from species to species. It begins with the male performing actions to attract females, leading to the formation of a bond. Afterward, copulation takes place, resulting in fertilization.

2.Gestation Period:

Following successful fertilization, female rodents develop embryos inside their womb. The gestation period varies from days to weeks.


Female rodents give birth to litters of pups. Some species have only a few pups, while others have larger litters.


After birth, the mother rodent starts nursing their pups. The milk they provide contains essential nutrients for the young ones' growth.

5.Maternal Care:

Mother rodents care for and protect their pups, ensuring all their necessities are met.

6.Adult Stage:

Once the pups become adults, they become independent and start searching for their own food, preparing for reproduction.

Types of Rodents

Rats are common rodent species found in urban areas, fields, and farms. They have rounded ears, and their size can vary from small to medium. Rats are highly intelligent and social creatures, capable of eating a wide variety of food.


Mice have slender bodies and large, rounded ears and long tails. They are frequently found in areas where human beings live. These nocturnal creatures are active during the night, searching for food resources, and they can feed on almost anything.

Common House Mouse:

Chipmunks are small striped rodents that prefer living in forested areas. They create burrows and tunnels to build nests during the winter season. They are mostly attracted to nuts and seeds.


Overcoming Rodents infestation

Rodent infestation is a serious problem that can cause issues for homes and businesses. If not addressed promptly, getting rid of these creatures becomes challenging. It is better to hire pest control services that are capable of dealing with the problem effectively.If you’re facing rodent issues in Dubai, Al Rasa pest control services stand as a reliable solution.With a team of well-experienced experts, they specialize in handling rodent infestations efficiently.By employing safe and environmentally friendly techniques, they guarantee the complete eradication of rodents from your premises.Taking action promptly with the help of professionals is essential in safeguarding your health, property, and business reputation

Frequently Asked Questions

Both rats and mice are rodents, but they differ in size and behavior. Rats are larger than mice, and mice have long tails and larger ears. Rats prefer living in burrows, while mice are more likely to inhabit various environments.

Early signs include finding rodent droppings, gnaw marks on wires, hearing scratchy noises, and detecting odors from affected areas.

Yes, rodents can bite and chew on wires, which can lead to fire hazards and electrical issues.

To prevent rodent infestations, you should seal cracks and openings, empty your trash regularly, keep your space clean and tidy, and properly trim bushes in your garden and near buildings.

Some interesting facts and information about Rodents.

  • Rodents have sharp teeth that keep growing until their death.
  • Some rodents are highly intelligent and can easily adapt to different environments.
  • Kangaroo rats are known for their remarkable jumping ability, leaping up to 9 feet in a single bound.
  • Rodents have a high reproduction rate and can produce young ones frequently.
  • Many rodents possess excellent sensing skills that help them evade predators