Termite Control in Dubai

Termite control in Dubai has always been a concern for every citizen in Dubai who wishes to maintain the beauty and integrity of their homes.

We are all familiar with that frustrating feeling we get when our expensive furniture starts to break due to a termite infestation.

Termites are amongst the most structurally damaging pests in Dubai.

But worry not, as Al Rasa has this situation under control. We are one of the best pest control companies in Dubai.

But before we jump into different ways to control termite infestations, let us first take a deep dive into the common questions that arise about termites.

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What are Termites?

Termites are tiny white ant species that infest wood and furniture at home and in the foundations of buildings.

type of termites

There are 2,750 different species of termites in the world, but fortunately, termite control in Dubai will be easier as the most common species of termites in the UAE are one species known as Subterranean Termites.

Subterranean termites are the ones that feed on wood, hence becoming the scariest menace at home.

Subterranean termites are divided into two kinds: worker and swarmer

The commonly seen white/creamy colored termites seen in infested woods come under the worker termite and they are 3 to 4 mm in length.

Meanwhile, the swarmers are said to be the reproductive class of the termite colony. Swarmers are about 4 mm in length and have a dark brown or black appearance.

Termites have very soft bodies and are said to be social with other insects. Since they are social insects, they have different classes in their society, as mentioned earlier

The head of a termite colony is said to be their queen, who lays eggs, pretty much like ants! Yes, termites are similar to ants but different at their core or to be precise, white ants.

What attracts termites to the house?

The Subterranean termites require damp soil and will infest any wood that comes into contact with it.

These termites will also build mud tubes to get themselves from the earth to the wood.


Mud tubes acts like a link for termites, providing protection from dehydration as well as a path to any wood that may be found above the ground.

Scary right? Well, it isn't. Click "here" to skip to the part where we discuss methods to destroy termites and save home and office furniture.

5 signs to identify termite infestation

1. Mud Tubes

2. Wood damage

3. Stuck door and windows

4. Termite mounds

5. Termite swarms

Termite control in Dubai is a necessity for every office and home, as the UAE is a hot country and lots of homes and offices in Dubai are suffering from termite attacks, resulting in the destruction of furniture.

To protect your expensive furniture and home, you will definitely need termite pest control, and we at Al Rasa are here to provide you with the best preventive and safety measures to control the termite infestation.

Let us take a look into the techniques we make use of to destroy termites.

Types Anti Termite service

After-Construction Anti Termite Control Method

The post-construction termite control is the term used for the extermination of termites carried out on an existing building.


This procedure is done by creating a termite barrier around the premises of the building.

A termite barrier works so effectively because it creates a chemical barrier around the entire perimeter of a home or building, so that all entry points are protected, and leaves no room for termites to come in.

Depending on the structure of the buildings, the exact requirements for each barrier can differ for termite control in Dubai.

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Before-Construction - Anti Termite Treatment Method

This is simply known as a preventive measure. Because this termite control treatment is an easier, cheaper, and less stressful way to prevent infestations than to exterminate them

If you plan to build a new home or any type of construction, the pre-construction anti-termite treatment method should be your first choice. As we all know, prevention is better than cure.


Al Rasa pest control uses highly professional and advanced techniques for termite control in Dubai.

The direct injection of liquid termiticide in areas like the foundation, within the foundation walls, and also areas under the concrete slabs is part of our termite treatment plan.

Even our newly constructed homes are at risk of termite attacks on structural support.

Ultimately, anti-termite treatment is very essential for post-construction termite control in Dubai. As it is very evident how much of a threat a 3-4 mm termite can become.

Let us now look into the extermination method for termites. As for existing buildings, homes, and offices alike that have not gone through the pre-construction anti-termite treatment, the termite infestation remains a major threat to their structural integrity and overall safety.

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But, keeping that in mind, let us take a look at the main methods made use for the extermination of termites in a post-construction stage building:

Top 4 treatment methods for termite control

1. Drilling and Injecting

If there is an already infected area festering with termites, we make use of the drilling and injection method to exterminate termites.

Once the drilling process is done, we inject termiticide solutions under pressure into these holes to create a pesticide barrier against the termites.

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2. Soil Treatment

A trench surrounding the foundation is dug first, and the soil is treated with a termiticide. After that, the trench is refilled.

This form of treatment helps to prevent future termite infestations by killing any termites in the house before they return to the soil to start a new colony

3. Wood Treatment

Some examples of wood treatment are surface sprays, injected sprays and foams, and Borate-treated wood.

Borate wood treatments are used by pest control professionals to prevent termite infestations and to eradicate any existing termites in residences.

Surface treatments are used during the construction phase of a home, as well as wood injections and foams once it is completed.

4. Trenching and flooding

In this termite extermination method, we remove the slightly loose soil from the building perimeter in order to make a trench and flood it with termiticide spray mix.

The idea is to leach the spray mix with the surface of the wall deep down to the footing level. This method is very effective, especially in termite control.

Out of the two post-construction termite control methods, the best strategy is chosen after a thorough inspection of the termite-infested areas, so as to provide the best service and bring about total termite control in Dubai.

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