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How to manage Stored Product Pests

Learn methods for identifying and managing Stored Product Pests

Stored pest

What actually are Stored Product Pests?

Stored product pests are small insects that can damage food products stored in both home and commercial settings. These pests are not only nuisances but also pose severe health risks to humans and can compromise the quality of food items. Stored product pests can be found in various locations, including warehouses, kitchens, storerooms, and grocery stores. They are attracted to foods, fruits, and grains, which is why they tend to infest these areas. 

Their presence can lead to food contamination, resulting in serious health problems for consumers and substantial financial losses for businesses. To effectively resolve this issue, it is crucial to enlist the services of experienced pest control professionals. They possess the knowledge and expertise needed to identify and address these pests effectively.

Life Cycle of Common Stored Product Pests

Stored pests, like grain beetles and weevils, go through a life cycle in stored food products. They begin as eggs, hatch into larvae, then pupate into adults. 

1. Egg stage

The life cycle starts by laying minuscule eggs, typically on food sources like grains, cereals and dry fruits.

2.Larval Stage

Upon hatching, the eggs give rise to caterpillars during the larval stage. Caterpillars exhibit rapid growth during this phase.

3.Pupal Stage

After the larval stage, the caterpillar forms a cocoon around itself, entering the pupal stage. Significant transformations occur within the cocoon as the caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis.

4. Adult stage

The final stage sees the emergence of an adult moth from the cocoon. The final stage sees the emergence of an adult pests comes out of the cocoon.

TYPES OF Stored Product Pests

Indian Meal Moth
Indian Meal Moth

The Indian Meal Moth is a small insect, measuring approximately 8-10 mm in length. It has a reddish-brown color with a coppery luster and distinctive wing markings. These pests are often found in kitchen pantries and storage areas, where they are attracted to dried fruits, grains, and spices.

Flour Beetle
Flour Beetle

Flour Beetles are insects ranging from 3-4 mm in length, with a reddish-brown color and an elongated shape. 

They are typically found in flour and cereals and thrive in dry environments.

Warehouse Beetle
Warehouse Beetle

Warehouse Beetles are oval-shaped insects measuring about 2.5 – 3.5 mm in length.

They have brown and black coloring and are commonly found in warehouses. These pests infest grains, spices, and dried fruits.

Drugstore Beetle
Drugstore Beetle

The Drugstore Beetle is easily identified by its humpbacked appearance and is usually around 2-3 mm long. 

Despite its name, it can infest food items such as spices and grains, although it is often found in pharmacies.

Rice weevil
Rice Weevil

Rice Weevils are reddish-brown in color and measure about 2-3 mm in length. 

As the name suggests, they are commonly found in rice and other grains.

Overcoming Stored Product Pests infestation

Stored product pests, though small, can cause significant nuisances and pose health risks. These insects infest stored food products, contaminating them and potentially leading to serious health issues when consumed. To effectively address this problem, it is crucial to contact professional pest control services.

In Dubai, Al Rasa Pest Control Services stands out as a reliable choice. Their expert team specializes in eliminating stored product pests using efficient and safe methods. Don’t let these pests compromise your food safety and wellbeing; reach out to Al Rasa for swift and effective solutions. Your health and peace of mind are their top priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, stored product pests can be a significant issue in commercial settings. 

They have the potential to cause food contamination, disrupt food processing and storage, and lead to financial losses.

Stored product pests are typically small insects, larvae, or webbing that you may find in stored food.

 They vary in characteristics, such as color and size, with colors ranging from reddish-brown to black and sizes ranging from 2 to 10 mm in length.


Stored product pests are drawn to food items with high starch, protein, or fat content. 

They are also attracted to poorly sealed containers or infested products.

In most cases, it is advisable to seek professional pest control services.

Pest control experts are familiar with these pests and know the most effective methods to eliminate them permanently.

Regular inspections are crucial to identifying potential infestations early and preventing them from spreading.


Some facts and information about Stored Product Pests


  • Tiny holes in food packaging, webbing or silk threads in grains, and the emergence of adult insects are some of the signs of stored product pests.
  • These pests can infest a wide range of items, such as grains, cereals, rice, flour, dried fruits, nuts, and even pet food.
  • Stored product pests can reproduce rapidly, leading to quick infestations.