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Identifying and controlling infestations at home

Identifying and controlling infestations at home

Ant infestations are considered a persistent nuisance for homeowners, causing severe physical and mental issues. Identifying and controlling these uninvited guests is essential to maintaining a healthy and peaceful environment. 

By having in-depth knowledge about the behaviour of ants, implementing effective prevention measures, and employing appropriate control strategies, house owners can successfully combat ant infestations.

Understanding and infestations

The unity and hard work of ants are something to be appreciated. They possess a remarkable ability to work collectively, constructing elaborate networks and reluctantly foraging for food. Without knowing their habits, it is difficult for humans to use efficient methods for their control.

Food crumbs, open containers and even tiny cracks or crevices are considered some of the vital entry points for ants. Armed with this knowledge, we can adapt proactive measures to fortify our homes and workplaces against potential ant invasions.

Common Ant species at home

There is a large variety of ant species on earth. Each of them possesses unique behaviour and characteristics, making it difficult for house owners to control them. Here is a list of common ant species found at home.

1. Carpenter Ants

These ants are experts at digging holes in wooden furniture, hence the name carpenter ants. They make long tunnels through this furniture and stay there with their family and friends. Carpenter ants are about 12 to 5/8 inch long and are usually seen in red-black, red, black, or brown colours.

2. Argentine Ants

They got this name because they are native to Northern Argentina; however, these species are found around the world. Argentine Ants live in gigantic colonies with a number of queens. Queens are a little bit larger than usual ants. They are commonly seen in dark brown.

3. Ghost Ants

These are tiny ants, and it is difficult to find them since they are pale in colour. Like Argentine ants, ghost ants build huge colonies with many queens. If your home is moist and warm enough, chances are high that you will spot ghost ants.

4. Red imported fire ant

The size of imported red fire ants varies from 1/8 to 1/4 inch long and is commonly seen in a dark reddish brown colour. They can cause serious skin infections, as their sting is noxious.

How can we identify ant infestations?

Early detection of any kind of infestation can be effectively managed and eliminated before it gets worse. There are some early signs that can be easily detected, and we can exterminate them as soon as possible. Let’s move on to some common signs of an ant infestation.

1. You see live ants

If you notice a greater number of ants in your home, it is considered a sign of an infestation. This means that they have already built a colony somewhere in your private space.

2. Ant piles

Ant piles contain a lot of dirt and may cause serious health issues for us. If you check these piles, you may be surprised to find hundreds or thousands of ants roaming around in them.

3. Food infested by Ants

As we all know, ants are hard working creatures; they always search for food sources. If they find any leftover or uncovered food in the kitchen, we are giving them a good feast. When you spot ants in your trash, it is high time to dispose of it properly and save your home from these nuisances.

4. Shaving of wood

Shavings of wood are a strong sign that your home is invaded by carpenter ants. If you notice such things, check all your wooden furniture to see if there is a severe infestation inside it. 

It is better to sweep the area and get in touch with a pest control service to eradicate the issue professionally. Al Rasa Pest Control Services in Dubai is equipped with skilled trainers to resolve your ant infestation in no time.

Reasons for any infestations at home

There is no specific time for an ant infestation to occur in a home. You will find it anywhere in your space if you make the mistakes mentioned below. 

• Uncovered food products or crumbs of food on the floor

Ants always look for food sources, and if they spot even a little piece of leftover food, they will always be guests at your home.

• Sticky residue on kitchen table tops

Sometimes this sticky or greasy residue may go unnoticed in the kitchen. This often attracts ants, who enjoy eating them.

• Leaking pipes

Some species of ants love to live in moist conditions. So, make sure your pipes are not leaking.

Tips to control Ants

  •  Keep your home neat and tidy.
  • Eliminate leftover food.
  • Keep food in tight containers.
  • Fix all the leakages.
  • Seek the assistance of pest control.

Before ants become problematic, contact the best pest control services in Dubai to implement effective steps to eliminate them. 

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