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Pest prevention before moving to a new flat or home

Pest prevention before moving to a new flat or home

Shifting to a new home can be both exciting and tedious. There are many things to consider before making arrangements for the move.

While the previous homeowner may have left the house well-painted and with well-maintained plumbing and electrical equipment, they often forget about taking preventive measures to control pests.

Many new homeowners encounter pest issues when moving into their new home, which can be quite a disturbance upon arrival.

 Although some homeowners conduct deep cleaning processes to prevent pests and keep the house tidy, it may not be sufficient to eliminate all the uninvited guests.

This is why hiring professional pest control services is mandatory, as they can effectively exterminate all hidden pests and ensure you have a pest-free home.

Preventive pest control

Preventive pest control can be defined as the process of protecting your home before pests enter. This helps secure your personal belongings, protects your business, and prevents further destruction. 

When you seek the help of professional pest control, they take a series of steps to ensure a pest-free home.

Step 1: Inspection 

The first step involves professionals thoroughly examining every corner of your house and sealing all potential entry points. Through this comprehensive inspection, they can develop customized strategies based on the identified pests.

Step 2: Pest identification

Only experts in pest control can accurately identify pests and implement the appropriate control measures. Once they identify the pests, they provide instructions about the pests and take immediate action to treat them.

Step 3: Customized pest control

Following the inspection and pest identification, they create personalized plans with the right treatments. Their focus is always on achieving long-term pest control rather than providing temporary solutions.

Step 4: Regular Monitoring and maintenance

Pest control is a continuous process, and complete elimination may take weeks or even months. After the initial treatment, they offer regular monitoring and maintenance, including follow-up visits, to ensure the implemented measures are effective.

Pest Prevention Checklist for Home Shifting

For a smooth and hassle-free home shift, it’s crucial to be well-organized and prepared. Here are some pest prevention tips to ensure a seamless transition to your new home:

Before moving

Inspect packing materials:

  • Before you begin packing, ensure that you don’t unintentionally carry pests along with your belongings. 
  • Pests are experts at hiding, so carefully check all boxes, containers, and other packing materials to avoid carrying any uninvited guests to your new home.

Remove unwanted items before packing:

  • Pests tend to find refuge in cluttered environments. To minimize the risk, make sure to declutter and dispose of all unwanted things. 
  • Do not forget to clean the products that you still use and then pack them.

Clean thoroughly:

  • It’s always a good idea to clean your old home early in the moving process. 
  • Pay special attention to kitchen utensils, electronic appliances, and other items you plan to take with you. 
  • Sanitize all belongings before packing to ensure their safety and protection during the move.

Hire professional packers:

  • If you can afford it, consider hiring professional packers. They ensure high-quality packing and can prevent pest entry. 
  • With their use of quality packing materials, you won’t have to worry about the risk of pests intruding on your belongings during the move.

Pest control treatment:

  • Before moving into your new home, arrange for a professional pest control treatment. 
  • This will help eliminate any existing pest issues and prevent further infestations from occurring.

After moving,

Inspect the new home:

  • Even though you’ve conducted a pest treatment, it’s essential to inspect your new home for any signs of pests. 
  • Check for droppings, chewed electrical wires, or other indications of pests.

Unpack with care:

  • When you arrive at your new home, unpack your boxes carefully.
  •  Instead of placing them directly on the floor, use clean tables or other elevated surfaces to keep your belongings safe from pest entry.

Store food properly:

  • After you settle down, store food in tightly sealed containers to deter pests from accessing it.

Maintain regular cleaning: 

  • Pest control is an ongoing process. 
  • Schedule regular cleaning to keep your new home free from pests in the future.

 A clean and well-maintained home ensures a peaceful and happier living environment.

If you are residing in Dubai and in search of quality pest control and cleaning services at an affordable price, look no further than Al Rasa Pest Control.

 Our services are available 24/7, and we pride ourselves on having a team of experienced professionals ready to assist you. 

Whether you need pest control for your new home or are facing pest issues in your residential or commercial building, our team members will be at your doorstep to provide prompt and effective solutions. 

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