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Uncommon pests: how to deal with them

Uncommon pests: how to deal with them

When you think about or witness a pest infestation, cockroaches, rodents, and termites are the common pests that will pop into your mind. Apart from these common pests, there are some uncommon pests that secretly hide in some places and create trouble in your life. It is difficult to identify them. Here are some uncommon pests and tips for encountering them:


Midges are non-biting insects somewhat similar to mosquitoes. These are harmless to humans, but there are still other midge species that cause itchiness and severe pain.

Carpet Beetles

This oval-shaped insect likes to consume natural fibres such as wool, silk, and fur. Once they find their comfy spot in your home, it is difficult to eliminate them. They can damage your valuable clothing.


Booklice are tiny insects commonly found in humid areas and homes with high moisture levels. Even though these lice are not harmful to humans or pets, they can damage books, papers, and stored food products.


These are wingless insects commonly seen in bathrooms and basements. Silverfish are experts at damaging books and other household items.

Bird Mites

Bird mites commonly infect birds, but they might be a problem for humans too. When birds come into contact with humans, there are high chances for mites to enter human bodies, causing irritation and discomfort.

Camel crickets

Camel crickets love to spend time at night and are commonly found in garages and basements. They create nuisances wherever they roam and damage fabrics and plants.


Ticks are good blood suckers, and they find their meals in you and your pets. They love to live in the fur of pets.

Dealing with uncommon pests can be challenging. Here are some steps you can take to address them:

1. Identify the pest

Proper pest identification is crucial for eliminating them efficiently. With the assistance of a professional pest control company, you can conduct thorough research and find out the exact pest species.

2. Research the pest

Once the pest is properly identified, gather information about it, including its life cycle and preferred habitat. This will help you develop strategies to control and eliminate it.

3. Consult with experts

Without knowledge about pest practices and pest control, it is difficult to eradicate them. If you are dealing with uncommon pests, seek the help of a professional pest control company for expert guidance and solutions. As experts, they can provide you with specific control measures.

4. Develop a pest management plan

Based on the expert advice, they create tailored plans and control methods. This will help you eliminate the hidden pests in your space.

5. Implement preventive measures

Before pests invade your space, it is good to take preventive measures to manage uncommon pests. You can control them to an extent by eliminating the potential food sources, breeding sites, and entry points that attract them.

Maintain long-term control 

To control uncommon pests, you need to take preventive measures along with regular monitoring to check for signs of infestation. If you witness such signs, take action promptly.

For professional and permanent elimination of uncommon pests, contact Al Rasa Pest Control Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and bid farewell to these uninvited guests.

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